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Rocket Seals is a leading independent distributor of O-Rings and seals to the OEM and repair and maintenance markets (MRO).

The Company maintains one of the largest inventories anywhere of standard and metric sealing solutions for customers in virtually every industry in the United States and internationally.

Technical application consultation, inventory availability, direct sourcing of uniquely designed parts, supplying custom kits, providing parts certifications, and locating hard to find or specialty sealing parts are why customers trust Rocket Seals as their “one call” for all of their sealing needs.

Expertise and Experience since 1956

Founded in 1956, Rocket Seals specialists have served customers with expert technical advice, the highest level of service, and in-stock availability with same day shipping. Rocket Seals fields an industry leading, long-tenured, highly trained and experienced sales and customer service team.

Rocket Seals application and design optimization expertise ensures customers use the right seals to achieve the unique performance requirements of a particular sealing application. Compatibility with operating environments (temperature, fluids and other conditions), cost, longevity, and many other factors must be taken into account. Rocket Seals understands every seal is mission-critical.

Rocket Seals experienced and trained specialists are available 24/7 for consultation to get you the parts you need, solve any sealing challenge that arises or help get equipment or a plant back in service whether the parts are stock, manufactured to custom specifications, or specialty and hard-to-find.

Every Industry and Application, Everywhere – Every Part and Every Time

Rocket Seals serves O-Ring and seals customers in North America and worldwide across every end-use market including fluid power generation and transmission, water filtration and treatment, industrial and medical equipment, oil and gas, energy, transportation, food and beverage, construction, mining and agricultural equipment, aerospace, military, supply chain/logistics firms, consumer products, hydraulic cylinder repair shops, and in any application requiring a sealing device.

From the largest global corporations to manufacturers of high technology medical devices to submarine and satellite to equipment fleet operators to Jake’s Hydraulic Shop to offshore oil rigs to power plants – Rocket Seals provides the sealing parts to provide a secure, lasting, and high performing seal between two surfaces.

Manufacturing and assembly lines, precision electronic equipment, processing plants, heavy and industrial equipment, municipal treatment facilities, refineries, satellites, and airplanes, and spare parts all require the right part at the right time in the right place. 

10,000 parts or 1,000,000 parts or 10 parts or 1 part. Each part is important to our customers - in the factory, in the air, space, land or sea, in the hospital, in the vehicle or wherever a seal is required. O-Rings, hydraulic seals, oil seals, U-cups, rotary seals, hydraulic packing, U-seals, caplugs, fastener seals, face seals, gaskets, and grommets – Rocket Seals stocks millions of parts in our warehouse.

Each Customer Has Specific Needs

Rocket Seals is a supply chain partner to OEMs and meets routine and emergency needs of its repair and maintenance customers (MRO). 

Rocket Seals works with purchasing agents, maintenance professionals, engineers, product designers, researchers, supply chain and logistics specialists, and technicians to evaluate sealing requirements, understand alternatives, troubleshoot, identify equivalents and/or source parts from Rocket Seals’ global network of relationships.

Our sole focus is sealing solutions so you can make “one call” to Rocket Seals and know you will get world-class advice and service and accurate fulfillment.

Rocket Seals helps customers:             

  • Save Money – The right part at the right time in the right place at the right price
  • Improve Performance – Rocket brings 60+ years of experience, new technologies and “know how” to every sealing application               
  • Increase Uptime – Our motto is “We stock it at Rocket” and we can help you safeguard against equipment failure with the optimized sealing solution, supply chain management programs, and custom kits for spare parts             
  • Sealing Solutions for Unique Requirements - Specialty designs and compounds, value added services, and custom manufacturing are some of the ways Rocket Seals will help you design and manufacture exactly what you need


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