AS568A O-Rings

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AS568A O-Rings

Extreme conditions and high performance are common in the Aerospace and Military industries. Rocket Seals has proudly served these industries since our founding in 1956 amidst the space race and the Cold War. Whether bound for orbit in the Earth’s atmosphere or surviving combat conditions, Rocket Seals stocks the parts, including specialty materials and required certifications for civilian and Department of Defense, that meet the test of the aerospace and military industries.

Mil-Spec, Mil-Std or Milspecs is a United States defense standard used to achieve standardization objective by the U.S.Department of Defense.  Rocket Seals can source any Mil-Spec needed through our large network of reputable suppliers.

Safety, longevity, and variable operating conditions are also primary factors in selecting the optimum sealing solution for your application. Regulations require specific exacting certifications and QA/QC protocols. Whether on the earth, in the sky, in space or at sea, Rocket Seals has experience with applications involving specialty fluids and gases, punishing temperatures and pressures, and other severe conditions that need to be taken into account to ensure the seal will perform.

At Rocket Seals, our commitment to the highest standard of customer service includes technical support to assist you to select the seal that will meet your application requirements. We have experience and expertise to help you solve your sealing challenges.


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