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Rocket Seals can provide invaluable experience in helping you evaluate your sealing alternatives, engineer sealing solutions, and optimize design. Working with customers from virtually all industries over the years allows Rocket Seals experts to help you think through field conditions, trouble-shoot, and understand performance trade-offs with stock O-Ring and seals and provide counsel when you consider a custom manufactured part or a spliced/vulcanized O-Ring or can help your engineers design a sealing assembly to get the job done.

Many customers send us their parts and assemblies (and sometimes customers send pictures), whether prototypes or worn parts and components that have failed, and Rocket Seals experts go to work to assess the situation's sealing requirements and offer a solution. Often, our experts can increase equipment uptime and parts longevity by suggesting alternatives to the existing parts. The section on Technical Advice has a number of resources and data regarding various factors, like operating temperature ranges and chemical compatibility, for O-Rings and seals but customers typically find a consultation with a Rocket Seals expert gets to the heart of the sealing question most effectively.

OEM customers often face unique sealing challenges that Rocket Seals can help tackle. Our experts can readily draw on the collective expertise of multiple manufacturers to ensure our customers have access to the most advanced technologies and optimum solution. MRO customers can enlist Rocket Seals experts to assess chronic failures and recommend long-lasting, higher performance parts to maximize uptime in the most cost-effective manner.

We offer same day-shipping for many parts and perform quality checks on every order, to ensure you know that your parts with meet your specifications.

At Rocket Seals, our commitment to the highest standard of customer service includes the technical support to assist you in selecting the correct part and material for your needs. 

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