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Can You Help Me with Snap-In Wipers

Snap-in wiper seals are designed without any metal component and are easy to install without any special equipment.

Wiper seals, also known as excluders or scrapers, work in conjunction with the rod seals and provide the first line of defense in protecting hydraulic fluid power and pneumatic system and keeping them free from dirt, mud, water and other contaminants.

Wipers are installed in the sealing configurations of hydraulic cylinders to prevent contaminants from entering the cylinder as they retract back into the system. Contamination can cause significant damage to the rod, cylinder wall, seals, and other components, and is one of the primary causes of premature seal and component failure in a fluid power system. The wiper seal is the most undervalued seal type in the hydraulic cylinder in relation to its important function. It may be technically optional, but you will regret not having it.

Snap-in wipers are available in standard (inch) sizes and also metric sizes, in Nitrile, Urethane and EPR. Temperature ranges vary by compound, and can be from minus-40-degrees to +240-degrees. The snap in wiper varies from the metal clad wiper in that it fits in a gland in the cylinder, where the metal clad wiper fits in the end of the cylinder.

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