Installing Lexus TDA

Lexus GX 470 and GX 460 SUVs are fine cars, but they can be incredibly expensive to fix. If you’ve noticed oil starting to leak below your car after as little as 50,000 miles, it may be a sign that a seal in your actuator has failed. You can take it to a dealer, or a specialty Lexus mechanic, and get it fixed for hundreds up to a thousand dollars, or you can buy replacement seals from us, and do the job yourself for about $10!

As GX models age, they often develop a gear oil leak from the Transfer Drive Actuator (TDA) on the side of the transfer case. You don’t need to replace the actuator, much less the whole transfer case, which can be outrageously expensive. All you need is an oil seal from Rocket Seals! Simply go to our website, metric oil seals.

Here’s a simple 10-step way to change the oil seal in the Transfer Drive Actuator of your Lexus GX!

  1. Ensure the height control switch is turned off, then jack your car up.
  2. To find the actuator, follow the lead harness going into it. Disconnect the one on the body of the transmission connecting to the harness.
  3. Do not at any given time disconnect battery terminals (if you do this, the car stores a message that the TDA is defective, and to erase this message you will have to go to the dealer or mechanic).
  4. Remove the TDA by taking off the 4 bolts in the front and then 2 bolts connecting it to the transmission. You will have a bit of oil spillage from the actuator, don’t worry.
  5. Get the actuator out where you can work on it and open it. You will see an oil seal (15x23x7-MOS-ADL) within the TDA that is damaged.
  6. Take it out and replace it with your new one from Rocket Seals! If you bought the gasket silicone sealant, apply it to the new oil seal now.
  7. Top off the WS transmission fluid.
  8. Connect the harness connector to the transmission and the actuator.
  9. Start your car, raise the RPM to 3000 for 2-3 minutes. Shift your Transmission gear from Park to Drive to 1st Gear to 2nd Gear, and then shut down your engine.
  10. Lower your car from jacks, and set the height control switch back on, and you’re good to go!

We hope this was helpful, because we are here to help. We don’t do repairs, but will help however we can.  For parts 24/7 visit our website or call us during business hours at 1-800-445-7803.

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