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  • What Can I Learn About Oil Seals?

What Can I Learn About Oil Seals?

Oil seals – often called grease, fluid or dirt seals – very simply need to stop the fluid that is inside from leaking out.  They also stop harmful contaminants from entering machinery, particularly in severe environments.  Vital components of practically every type of machine and vehicle in operation incorporate oil seals to protect all types of precision-constructed, ball, sleeve and roller bearings.

In machine components, oil seals help prevent abrasives, corrosive moisture and other harmful contaminants from entering machinery.  In precision bearings, oil seals help prevent lubricants from escaping the bearings or a specific area.    They also help stop intermixture of two different mediums, such as lubricating oil and water.

Seals are available in different configurations.  This can be single lip or double lip, rubber coated or non-rubber coated, as well as with or without a spring.

Oil seals are available in Standard (Inch) and Metric sizes also.

Rocket Seals carries a large line of Standard and Metric sizes.  If we don’t have your specific seal configuration in stock, or available, we can order it in or even have it made for you.  

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