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TEMPERATURE is Critical.  FVMQ or PVMQ or...???

Selecting the optimum seal materials can be a challenging task. The temperature range for any compound is determined by the base elastomer. Elastomer performance becomes less predictable when a seal is operated at or near the limits of its service temperature range.
At low temperatures, elastomers become harder and less flexible. They lose their rubber-like properties, which makes the elastomer retract.
As temperatures approach the upper limit, elastomers undergo irreversible chemical changes. Seals become more rigid reducing their resistance to compression set.

The rate of many chemical reactions doubles with each increase of 18°F, thereby cutting seal life; the closer your material is to the limit of your elastomer temperature range, the faster the material will degrade. The added cost of a seal with a wider temperature range just might be an excellent investment.
Did you know FVMQ and PVMQ are both silicone-based compounds with very different temperature ranges?
Click on the button below for a guide on the temperature range for common elastomeric materials.
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