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  • Gasket Emergency - Solve Your Problem Fast!

Gasket Emergency - Solve Your Problem FAST!

If your operation uses gaskets, there are times when you can’t afford to wait 2 to 3 days or more for someone to make a gasket to get you operating again. Rocket Seals has a ready solution when you need a gasket now, Readi-Seal™ Joint Sealant.

Readi-Seal™ is a soft, compressible gasket material made of 100% pure, expanded PTFE and is FDA compliant. It is a form-in-place gasket that conforms to almost any sealing surface. Upon compression, it forms a thin hard ribbon that fills in surface irregularities and creates an extremely tight seal. It is capable of withstanding a wider range of pressures, temperatures and chemical environments than any other soft gasket.

Readi-Seal™ can be used in just about any accessible bolted joint that features a flat or serrated sealing surface. It is also easy to install and remove, making it a highly versatile and cost-effective solution for many demanding sealing applications. It comes in 8 different widths from 1/8” to 1” and is available in standard and bulk lengths

It is chemically resistant, and exhibits the same chemical inertness of pure virgin PTFE. The convenient adhesive strip and peel-off backing allow easy installation on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It has an unlimited shelf life, shows no age deterioration and resists creep and cold flow.

Readi-Seal™ has a temperature range of -450°F to 600°F with a pressure range to 3,000 psi.

Call us at Rocket Seals to learn more about Readi-Seal™ Joint Sealant, we’d love to solve your gasket emergencies.

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