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  • What is PEEK, and What are the Advantages of using PEEK?

What is PEEK?

PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) is a workhorse and is part of a family of polyaryletherketones (PAEK), known for their excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. It can be used for seals, though generally the material is used for back-up rings or ball valve seats.

PEEK is a perfect choice when you need high temperature resistance, a wide range of chemical resistance, and long life.  It can be used continuously to 480°F and in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties and has a V-O flammability rating.

PEEK is ideal for exterior aerospace conditions where the material comes into contact with atmospheric particles and low temperatures.  It is useful in food and feed drying equipment, involving dehydration for the production of powders, pastes and granules.  PEEK is well suited for filters in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, resistant when the equipment is cleaned at high temperatures and less susceptible to contamination.
PEEK is quite flexible, durable and strong in nature.  It is also a great option to replace PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the chemical name for polyester.

PEEK is produced by many leading manufacturers under many different names.

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