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5 Pro Tips: Seal Installation

Hydraulic seal installation varies depending on the nature of applications.  Whether the seal is being replaced as a maintenance procedure or being installed fresh in an application, different installation procedures might be followed.  Here are 5 installation tips in common that must be paid close attention to.


  1. Clean the seals using lint-free cloths and all the installation tools used.  Entrapping dust and other solid particles will affect the sealing performance and consequently will lead to its failure.
  2. Protect seals from sharp corners and burrs.
  3. Lubricate both the seal and its sealing path.  Several lubricants are available to prevent abrasion and enhance durability, including petroleum-based, silicone grease or oil, barium grease, and fluorocarbon fluid.  The lubricant must be campatible with the raw materials used to produce the seal.
  4. Heat the seals to iimprove easticity and ease installation.  Soaking the seal in any hot lubricant will soften the seal.  Do not heat the seal beyond its temperature limit.  Just a few seconds in a microwave can overheat an elastomer.  Do not heat the seal when it is stretched and do not overstretch the seal once it's heated.
  5. Use appropriate tools to eliminate chances of denting or damaging the seals.

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