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  • Energized Seals for Your Toughest Applicatons

Energized seal

Energized Seals for Your Toughest Applications

Elevated temperatures, higher speeds, extreme environments, faster gas decompression, and aggressive medias all make sealing more critical and diffficult to achieve.

This challenge has been met by the inventive addition of energizers to seals.  Energized seals achieve the ultimate performance in the most challenging conditions and critical applications.

The resilient pressure of an energizer compensates for and overcomes several practical problems:

  • Lip pressure even after the lip material wears down over time.
  • With rods, shafts, cylinders and housing contacting a seal, energized lips adapts to fit around humps and hollows to maintain sealing.
  • When components are misaligned, energized lips dynamically move to maintain contact.
  • Manufacturing tolerances and clearances are not as critical, because energized lips can take up the slack.

The radial pressure maintained by an energizer keeps sealing lips in contact with mating surfaces even before fluid or gas pressure is applied, providing good low pressure sealing capability, while increasing the force when the system pressure is applied.

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