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Braided PackingThe oldest sealing devices are the braided packings. Made from relatively soft, pliable materials, they are formed by either twisting or braiding individual strands of yarns together to obtain either a round or square finished product. Compression packing, which is also called braided packing or rope packing is usually produced in a square or rectangular cross section and is braided from a range of different materials. Not only can braided packing vary by the material it is braided from, but the way in which it is braided can also vary. 

Braided Packing Materials

Basic construction is usually flax, cotton, carbon, graphite, and even copper or aluminum foils. One of the most common methods of braiding is in a square braid. The sloppier the tolerance the more you need a square braid. Packing can also be manufactured in a braid over core style.

The most common materials used today include

  • PTFE (a generic compound of Teflon™ a trademark of The Chemours Company),
  • Fiberglass
  • Graphite filament
  • Flexible Graphite
  • Grafoil
  • Various graphite/PTFE blends including GFO.

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SKUCross SectionMaterial 
PM2-.1251/8Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.1873/16Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.2501/4Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.3125/16Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.3753/8Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.5001/2Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.6255/8Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.7503/4Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
PM2-.8757/8Braided Packing/GraphiteQuote
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