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hydralic cylinder kitsRocket Seals is a leading supplier of cylinder kits for industrial power and hydraulic applications. We stock O-Rings from the leading manufacturers in the industry and continuously update and expand our inventory to meet the changing needs of industry and take advantage of the latest materials and advances. Our selection of cylinder kits contains rings, bearings, balls, seals, springs, and fasteners needed to maintain Hyco or Commercial hydraulic telescoping cylinders. We offer a range of sizes and models for each kit.

The hydraulic cylinder kits we provide include:

  • Cylinder rebuild dump body cylinder kits – Comprehensive kit that includes wiper rings, packing assemblies, bearing rings, piston bearings, wave springs, set screws, and nylon balls.
  • Nylon piston bearing kits – Kit contains nylon piston bearings.
  • Vee packing kits – Kit includes Vee packing to replace cylinder seals and wipers.
  • Vee packing, bushing and wiper kits – Kit containing all the seals needed to rebuild hydraulic cylinders.
  • Cylinder bearings kits – Kit includes nylon bearings to support and guide piston rods.

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