Fluid Power Seals

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Fluid Power Seals

Fluid power is a term that describes hydraulic and pneumatic technologies. Both of these technologies use a fluid (either a liquid or gas) to transmit power from one location to another.  With hydraulics, the fluid is a liquid (usually an oil or hydraulic fluid). With pneumatics, the fluid is a gas (usually it is compressed air). 

Fluid power systems produce a linear motion using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Fluid power systems can usually transmit greater power within a much smaller space than mechanical or electrical drives. A fluid power system offers simple and effective control of direction, force, speed and torque. Fluid power very often do not require electrical power.

In hydraulic systems, the pump draws fluid in and pushed it out to the hydraulic circuit. Hydraulic systems typically operate at fluid pressures of thousands of psi. 

The principles of pneumatics are the same as those for hydraulics, but pneumatics transmit the power using a gas (usually compressed air), instead of liquid. With pneumatics, usually a compress, pumps air into a receiver, which holds a large volume of compressed air that can be used by the system as the air is needed.

Fluid power systems require all kinds of seals, including U-cups, O-Rings, wipers and many other types of parts. Rocket Seals has an extensive inventory of seals for fluid power applications. We are committed to offering superior service.  We partner with our customers - providing you with technical expertise when selecting the seals that meet your specifications. 

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