Rubber Grommets and Bumpers

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Rubber Grommets and BumpersGrommets are usually rings, inserted into a hole through a material, that are flared on each side to keep them in place. They are generally used to prevent tearing of material on a wire, cable or line that is routed through the hold in the material.

  • Bumpers – Bumpers can be used in a wide range of industrial applications to reduce movement of equipment and vibration.
  • Recessed Bumpers – Recessed bumpers come in flat-topped, round topped and doughnut topped.
  • Stem Bumpers – Stem bumpers do not require any additional fastening parts and come in rounded heads and chamfered stems.
  • Bumpons – Bumpons are made of a tough polyurethane polymer to be non-slip, smooth and high friction. An easy-stick adhesive backing means you can put them anywhere. Great for protecting floors and stabilizing appliances.
  • End Caps – End caps are for use on canes, crutches and other non-slip applications.
  • Rubber Washers – Rubber washers and spacers have great utility to help reduce noise, vibration, electric current, etc. Rubber bushings absorb shock and reduce vibration.
  • Tips – Rubber tips provide non-slip covers for poles, dowels, etc.  
  • Vibration Isolators – Vibration isolators are compression-mounted pieces that control and dampen vibration, noise, and shock.
  • Sheet Stock – Sheet stock is a sheet of rubber that can be purchased by the square foot, in a maximum width of 3-feet or 4-feet. Sheet stock is available in a variety of thickness or materials.

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