Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN) O-Rings

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HSN o-rings

Highly Saturated Nitrile (HNBR) – HNBR is known for its physical strength and retention of its properties after long-term exposure to head, oil and chemicals. 

Temperature Range

Highly Saturated Nitrile is good over a broad range of temperatures from minus 399-degrees and up to 302-degrees.

Application & Industries 

HNBR has excellent resistance to most common automotive fluids like engine oil, coolant and fuel, as well as many industrial chemicals.  HNBR has been widely used in automotive, industrial and some performance-demanding applications because of its unique properties and higher temperature rating.

HNBR Benefits

Highly Saturated Nitrile fill the gap between Nitrile (NBR) and Viton (FKM) because of its excellent resistance to motor oil, ATF, oxidized fuels and lubricating oils when high temperature conditions require high tensile strength. 

The automotive market is the largest consumer of HNBR.  The use it for many dynamic and static seals, hoses and belts.

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