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Rocket Seals knows O-Rings and seals. Over 60 years of experience provides our experts with an unmatched depth of experience with helping customers efficiently bring equipment back into service.

MRO customers often face equipment breakdown emergencies. Repairs need to be made ASAP. Murphy’s Law tends to a universal and the broken equipment is likely to be older and parts may no longer “be on the shelf” or in inventory. Rocket Seals thrives on such situations and the ability to assist a customer in a time-sensitive, mission-critical emergency.

Rocket Seals extensive inventory increases the likelihood we can ship from stock odd sizes, equivalents, standard (Imperial/English) and metric, or can rapidly source from one of our many factories we work with, or can get your equipment back in service with an interim sealing solution.

Rocket Seals can arrange for hot rush delivery to your facility or to a designated field operation location. It is not always an equipment breakdown crisis, but when it is, Rocket Seals will work 24x7 to help customers get the right parts to get critical equipment back in service. 

Our staff provides superior customer service from your first call through delivery, offering technical expertise and assistance with product selection to ensure that your seal meets or exceeds your expectations. We have experience working with customers in all industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, defense, power generation, agricultural, water treatment and filtration, hydraulics, fluid motion, heavy truck, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical and life sciences, food and beverage, electronics and industrial controls, refineries, logistics and supply chain suppliers and transportation. 

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