Buna Standard Size O-Rings

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Benefits of Buna (or Nitrile) O-rings

  • Buna (or Nitrile) material is great for all but the most extreme applications.
  • It works from -40-degrees F to 250-degrees F, and has good wear resistance.
  • It works with oils but does not work with brake fluid, ketones, and some hydraulic fluids..

Not Recommend for

It is not resistant to weathering, sunlight, and ozone unless a special compound is used.


Standard or Imperial sizes come in fractions of an inch.

DownloadsAvailable Materials for O-Rings, O-Ring Size Chart

SKUID (Inner Diameter)OD (Outer Diameter)Cross SectionMaterial 
2-001-Buna-701/323/321/32Standard Buna-70Quote
2-001-Buna-901/323/321/32Standard Buna-90Quote
2-002-Buna-703/649/643/64Standard Buna-70Quote
2-002-Buna-903/649/643/64Standard Buna-90Quote
2-003-Buna-701/163/161/16Standard Buna-70Quote
2-003-Buna-901/163/161/16Standard Buna-90Quote
2-004 B 366Y5/6413/641/16B366Y-70Quote
2-004-Buna-405/6413/641/16Standard Buna-40Quote
2-004-Buna-705/6413/641/16Standard Buna-70Quote
2-004-Buna-905/6413/641/16Standard Buna-90Quote
2-005-Buna-703/327/321/16Standard Buna-70Quote
2-005-Buna-903/327/321/16Standard Buna-90Quote
2-006-Buna-601/81/41/16Standard Buna-60Quote
2-006-Buna-701/81/41/16Standard Buna-70Quote
2-006-Buna-901/81/41/16Standard Buna-90Quote
2-007-Buna-305/329/321/16Standard Buna-30Quote
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