FKM Standard Size O-Rings

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FKM (or Fluorocarbon) also known as Viton™, a registered trademark of The Chemours Company, works for almost every application. It can withstand temperatures from -25-degrees F up to 400-degrees F. It has a good resistance to ozone, high temperatures, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals. Standard or Imperial sizes come in fractions of an inch.

SKUID (Inner Diameter)OD (Outer Diameter)Cross SectionMaterial 
17-44-FKM-750.0440.0780.017Black FKM-75Quote
18-81ES-FKM-750.0810.1170.018Black FKM-75Quote
2-001-FKM-751/32"3/32"1/32"Black FKM-75Quote
2-001-FKM-75-BR1/32"3/32"1/32"Brown FKM-75Quote
2-001-FKM-901/32"3/32"1/32"Black FKM-90Quote
2-002-FKM-753/64"7/64"1/32"Black FKM-75Quote
2-002-FKM-903/64"7/64"1/32"Black FKM-90Quote
2-003-FKM-751/16"5/32"3/64"Black FKM-75Quote
2-003-FKM-75-F1/16"5/32"3/64"F-Type FKM-75Quote
2-003-FKM-901/16"5/32"3/64"Black FKM-90Quote
2-004-FKM-6-BR5/64"13/64"1/16"Brown FKM-60Quote
2-004-FKM-755/64"13/64"1/16"Black FKM-75Quote
2-004-FKM-75-BR5/64"13/64"1/16"Brown FKM-75Quote
2-004-FKM-905/64"13/64"1/16"Black FKM-90Quote
2-004-FKM-90-BR5/64"13/64"1/16"Brown FKM-90Quote
2-005-FKM-753/32"7/32"1/16"Black FKM-75Quote
2-005-FKM-903/32"7/32"1/16"Black FKM-90Quote
2-006-FKM-751/8"1/4"1/16"Black FKM-75Quote
2-006-FKM-75-BR1/8"1/4"1/16"Brown FKM-75Quote
2-006-FKM-80-BR1/8"1/4"1/16"Brown FKM-80Quote
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