Standard and Metric Oil Seals

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Oil Seals

Our extensive inventory of oil seals, v-rings, and oil seal kits includes:

  • Standard and metric sizes
  • Widths from 0.094” to 5.00”, ID from 0.188” to 8.625”, OD from 0.499” to 9.25”
  • FKM, nitrile, polyacrylate, PTFE, silicone, leather
  • Quantities from small orders to large production, quantity orders
  • Custom kitting and assemblies

Oil Seal Supplier

Rocket Seals, a leading seal and O-Ring specialist, supplies oil seals for all industrial applications. For over 60 years, we have served the growing and changing needs of industry, updating and expanding our inventory to provide oil seals that meet the latest demands.  We partner with our customers – providing you with technical expertise and superior service to ensure that your purchases meet or exceed your expectations.  Whether you are an OEM looking for an oil seal for new product development or existing production, or a distributor or facilities manager looking for a replacement or wear parts, our expert team can recommend and source the right oil seal for your application.

Oil Seal Design

Oil seals close spaces between stationary and moving components and are used to protect all types of ball and roller bearings. They protect rotating shafts and bearings from contaminants and corrosive materials and prevent lubricants, oils, and liquids from leaking.  An oil seal can come in a single lip, double lip and even triple lip styles.  As it states, single lip seals have one lip to seal around the shaft, double lip seals have two lips sealing around the shaft, and triple lip seals have three lips to seal.

We offer same-day shipping for many parts and perform quality checks of every order, so you know that your critical parts will meet your application specifications.

Industries Severed 

We have experience and expertise in all industries, including

  • manufacturing
  • chemical processing
  • defense
  • water treatment and filtration
  • hydraulics
  • fluid power
  • heavy truck
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • oil and gas
  • medical and life sciences
  • food and beverage
  • electronics and industrial controls
  • refineries
  • logistics
  • supply chain suppliers and transportation.

We can provide oil seals and v-rings with material and manufacturing processes certifications to industry standards if required for your application.

At Rocket Seals, our commitment to the highest standard of customer service includes technical support to assist you to select the oil seal that will meet your application requirements.  If your application requires unique or hard-to-find sizes, shapes, or materials, we will work with our manufacturing partners to source the oil seals you need.

Contact Rocket Seals today to see how we can solve your manufacturing or MRO challenges.

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