FKM Metric Size O-Rings

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FKM (or Fluorocarbon) O-Rings are Recommended for

  • Works for almost every application
  • It can withstand temperatures from -25-degrees F up to 400-degrees F
  • It has good resistance to
    • Ozone
    • High temperatures
    • Oxygen
    • Mineral oil
    • Synthetic hydraulic fluids
    • Fuels
    • Aromatics
    • Many organic solvents
    • Chemicals


Metric sizes come in millimeters.

DownloadsAvailable Materials for Metric O-Rings.pdf, O-Ring Size Chart

SKUID (Inner Diameter)OD (Outer Diameter)Cross SectionMaterial 
1.25MMx16MM-FKM75-BL1618.51.25Black FKM-75Quote
1.25MMx8MM-FKM75-BR810.51.25Brown FKM-75Quote
1.2MMX2.5MM-FKM75-BL2.54.91.2Black FKM-75Quote
1.2MMx5MM-FKM75-BR57.41.2Brown FKM-75Quote
1.3MMx11MM-FKM75-BL1113.61.3Black FKM-75Quote
1.3MMx13MM-FKM75-BL1315.61.3Black FKM-75Quote
1.55MMx5MM-FKM75-BR58.11.55Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx10.5MM-FKM75-BL10.513.51.5Black FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx10MM-FKM75-BR10131.5Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx11MM-FKM75-BL11141.5Black FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx11MM-FKM75-BR11141.5Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx12MM-FKM75-BL12151.5Black FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx12MM-FKM75-BR12151.5Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx13MM-FKM75-BR13161.5Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx14MM-FKM75-BR14171.5Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx15MM-FKM75-BL15181.5Black FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx16MM-FKM75-BR16191.5Brown FKM-75Quote
1.5MMX17.5MM-FKM75-BL17.520.51.5Black FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx17MM-FKM75-BL17201.5Black FKM-75Quote
1.5MMx17MM-FKM75-BR17201.5Brown FKM-75Quote
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