PTFE Joint Sealant

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PTFE Joint SealantPTFE Joint Sealant® is a high performing PTFE joint sealant gasket that conforms to almost any sealing surface.  Upon compression, it forms a thin, hard ribbon that fills in surface irregularities and creates an extremely tight seal.  It is most commonly employed to “gasket” flange seals of any size and bolt configuration.

Benefits and Features of PTFE Joint Sealant® include:

FDA Compliant-Made of 100% pure, expanded PTFE

Easy Installation and Removal

Form-in-place PTFE Joint Sealant®, made by a domestic manufacturer and distributed by Rocket Seals is ideal for a wide variety of sealing applications including:

  • Raised Face and Flat Face Flanges
  • Metal, Plastic and Glass-Lined Flanges
  • Rough, Scratched, Pitted and Otherwise Damaged Flanges
  • Round, Oval, Rectangular, Complex and Irregular Flanges
  • Pump and Compressor Housing Flanges
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manholes and Handholes
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Miscellaneous Lids, Access Plates, Ducts, Etc.

Temperature range is -450°F to 600°F and is good to pressures up to 3,000 psi. 

Rocket Seals serves as an authorized stocking distributor for the entire TFCO line of PTFE engineered products.

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