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simriz o-rings

Simriz® – (Simrit’s trademark name) Simriz® is another FFKM compound like Kalrez®, Chemraz® and Markez® with wide chemical stability combined with the rubbery properties of an elastomer, and at a lower cost than Kalrez®. Specifically for the processing industry, Simriz® is a high-performing FFKM material with high durability.

You can find additional technical information related to this and other materials regarding chemical compatibility, resistance to abrasion, suitability for dynamic or static applications, temperature operating ranges, longevity, and other factors on our Technical Information pages.

Simrit Simriz® Products
Aerospace Industrial Oil & Gas
Z7257 Simriz 481 Simriz 485 Simriz 487 Simriz 134
Color Black Black Black Black  Black
Hardness Shore A 75 70 75 75 90
Temp. Range °F 21 to 610 -4 to 450 19 to 450 21 to 570 25 to 450
Features High Temp. Resistance Excellent Chemical Compatability  General Purpose-low Cost Superior High Temp. Resistance Excellent Chemical & Temp. Resistance


Simrit Simriz® Products
Food & Drug Semiconductor
Simriz 484 Simriz 486 Simriz 488 Simriz 489 Simriz 495 Simriz 499 Simriz 508
Color Black  White  White Transparent Black Clear White
Hardness Shore A 75 75 70 65 80 75 75
Temp. Range °F 19 to 450 19 to 450 21 to 570 21 to 540 20 to 446 21 to 540 21 to 570
Features Excellent Chemical & Temp Resistance Excellent Plasma Resistance Superior Plasma Resistance Excellent Chemical Compatability  Reliable Acid Resistance Plasma & Broad Chemical Resistance Plasma Resistance - High Temp. Resistance


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