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Specialty ORing Products

Rocket Seals carries a number of specialty products:

  • Caplugs - Caps and plugs to fit many applications and needs.  Caplugs are molded plastic pieces to fit over or inside threads, fittings, and more. They protect tubing and threaded or machined parts, O-Ring ports, pipe fittings, and hydraulic fittings, etc. 
  • Retainer Rings - Retainer Rings act as a shoulder to hold seals or packing in place within the assembly.  Rockets Seals carries internal and external rings in regular and spiral styles.
  • Fastener Seals - Fastener Seals provide the best combination of washers and O-Rings, to seal bolts and other fasteners in the assembly.  Rocket Seals carries Face Seals (Stat-O-Seals) and Thread Seals.
  • Cast Iron Piston Rings - Cast Iron Piston Rings are necessary for applications with heavy shock conditions. They do not create the complete seal that a rubber or urethane seal would, but can withstand much higher shocks.
  • Grommets and Bumpers - Grommets, bumpers, caps, washers, tips, vibration isolators.
  • Sheet Stock - Sheet goods are sheets of rubber that can be bought by the square foot in maximum width of 3 feet. They are available in any thickness or material that you desire.

Our staff provides superior customer service from your first call through delivery, offering technical expertise and assistance with product selection to ensure that your rod buffer seal meets or exceeds your expectations. We have experience working with customers in all industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, defense, power generation, agricultural, water treatment and filtration, hydraulics, fluid motion, heavy truck, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical and life sciences, food and beverage, electronics and industrial controls, refineries, logistics and supply chain suppliers and transportation.

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