Square Cut O-Rings

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Square Cut O-Rings Design

Square Cut O-Rings are exactly like normal O-Rings, except that their cross-sections are square instead of circular. This design increases their working pressure, and form fit more snugly in some spaces.

Square Cut O-Rings have been largely phased out by elastomeric sealing manufacturers since the invention of the Quad Ring, or commonly also called a Q Ring or X-Ring.  Square O-Rings are still available from some manufacturers, but they typically require tooling charges and/or large quantity orders to produce them.

Square O Ring Installation

The Quad Ring has replaced the Square Cut in most cases.  The four-lobed design not only provides lower friction than the Square Cut O-Ring but also, due to its square cross-section, it resists spiral twist.  When the Quad Ring is squeezed upon installation, they seal with the 4 small contact surfaces on the top and bottom.  This also creates a lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips that improve performance when startup pressures are exerted.

If your application uses a Square Cut O-Ring, consider switching to the Quad Ring.  The Quad Ring offers many advantages over the Square Cut.  The AS568A sizing is completely interchangeable with O-Rings, Quad Rings and Square Cut O-Rings.

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Square Cut Oring Material

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