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You can depend on Rocket Seals to serve your specific and unique sealing needs just as hundreds of other customers have over the years. Our broad and deep technical and application expertise can provide you with advise on how to tackle your sealing challenges and cost-effectively increase performance.

Rocket Seals routinely provides customers with a wide range of services to help decrease their costs, meet their engineering, Q/A and Q/C requirements, and maintain an edge on their competition.

Value added services include:

  • Custom kits – Rocket Seals will assemble any group of sealing or ancillary part into a custom kit, per your specifications.
  • Labeling – Rocket Seals will print all of the information that you need on each part or each kit and specialized packaging you require.
  • Seal and gland design – Rocket Seals in-house experts and access to best-in-class global manufacturers is a “one-call” resource for customers.
  • Splicing/vulcanizing – Rocket Seals can very cost-effectively provide custom sizes for your exact sealing requirements.
  • Certifications – Rocket will provide manufacturers certifications that meet your requirements.

Mil Spec, FDA food grade materials, foreign designations, USP, KTW, DVGW, BAM, WRAS (WRC), NSF, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Aerospace (AMS) – Rocket has experience with meeting your needs across all industry standards 

Rocket Seals works with its customers to meet their requirements – whatever they may be. Rocket has helped customers be more efficient by cutting labor costs, processing steps, increasing uptime, and even increasing sales of spare part kits and with other services. 

Our staff provides superior customer service from your first call through delivery, offering technical expertise and assistance with product selection to ensure that your rod buffer seal meets or exceeds your expectations. We have experience working with customers in all industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, defense, power generation, agricultural, water treatment & filtration, hydraulics, fluid motion, heavy truck, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical and life sciences, food and beverage, electronics and industrial controls, refineries, logistics and supply chain suppliers and transportation.

Contact Rocket Seals today to see how we can solve your manufacturing or MRO challenges.

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