W Series Standard Size Wear Rings

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Wear Rings are designed to prevent the scraping of metal on metal in piston assemblies. Standard sizes come in inches.

SKUOD (Outer Diameter)HeightCross SectionStyle 
W0-1500-3751.5000.3750.093Straight CutQuote
W0-1750-5001.7500.5000.093Straight CutQuote
W0-2000-3752.0000.3750.093Straight CutQuote
W0-2500-3752.5000.3750.093Straight CutQuote
W0-3500-7503.5000.7500.093Straight CutQuote
W0-625-3756.2500.3750.093Straight CutQuote
W1-0875-5000.5000.0620.875Straight CutQuote
W1-1250-500-SC1.2500.5000.062Scarf CutQuote
W1-1375-5001.3750.5000.062Straight CutQuote
W1-1625-980-SC1.6250.9800.062Scarf CutQuote
W1-1870-098-SC1.8700.9800.062Scarf CutQuote
W1-2000-250-SC2.0000.2500.062Scarf CutQuote
W1-2125-098-SC2.1250.9800.062Scarf CutQuote
W1-2375-10002.3751.0000.062Straight CutQuote
W1-3500-5003.5000.5000.062Straight CutQuote
W1-7000-5007.0000.5000.062Straight CutQuote
W2-10000-100010.0001.0000.125Straight CutQuote
W2-10000-125010.0001.2500.125Straight CutQuote
W2-10000-150010.0001.5000.125Straight CutQuote
W2-10000-50010.0000.5000.125Straight CutQuote
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